How to Lead Your Organization to Success in 2018

It’s the New Year. A fresh start. Rekindled ambition. It’s time to lead your organization to the Promised Land!
Looking for a silver bullet? Great, I’ve got one for you. The one thing that, above all, will determine whether or not your organization succeeds.
It’s you. Your commitment. Your willingness to do what needs to be done.
And what is it that needs to be done? Three things: First, relentlessly reinforce your organization’s focus, your purpose, what you’re striving to achieve. Make sure everyone knows how what they do contributes to that focus and why what they do is so critical.
Two, continually create an environment that fully supports your focus. Ensure that your processes, policies and practices are consistently aligned with your intentions. And that your decisions and actions continually point people in the right direction. Stop or fix anything that sends a mixed message.
Three, be rigorous in onboarding the type of people who will help drive your success, and off-boarding the type of people who won’t. It takes talent and it takes a team. Knowing what you know today, would you hire each of your employees to do the job they’re currently doing?
Right focus. Right environment. Right team. What drives it all is the right commitment – yours.
There’s a price to be paid for the fruits of success. Hard work, time, dealing with what makes you uncomfortable, and doing what you need to do even when you don’t feel like doing it.
Do you have the right commitment to make it happen?
Make it happen.
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