How to Have “FUN” with Failure

You’re going to love this. (But, first, a disclaimer: if you’re easily offended by harsh language then you may not want to read this post …)
Okay, you’re in. Remember how I’ve been making the case that failure in business can actually be a gift? Well, one organization is taking it to a whole new level.
FUN – which is an acronym for FuckUp Nights (yes, really) – is a global movement founded in Mexico with the purpose of publicly sharing stories of business failures for the benefit of others. At FUN events, each speaker is given 7 minutes and can use up to 10 images to tell their story of failure. After each story, the audience, which can range from dozens to hundreds, is invited to take part in a Q&A session. Think of it like a Ted Talk for failure but with the added benefit of interaction with the speaker. Cap it all off with time for networking and drinks, and you can see how this would be one fucked up evening (sorry, I had to).
Check out their website ( and you’ll see that this is a much bigger deal than you realize.
So here’s the question: How could you adapt this concept inside your organization to promote the collective learning that can come from failure? How might this create a safe environment for your team members to come clean on the failures that all of us experience? And, as a collateral benefit, what do think it would do for openness and trust?
Are you seeing the possibilities? Why not have some FUN?
Make it happen.

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