How to Fail Successfully

Each of us fails. That’s life. But there is a big difference between failing successfully and compounding your failures with your response to failure.

1) Don’t Sugar-Coat It
The more you try to rationalize / justify / minimize a failure the less likely you are to learn from it. And the more likely you are to repeat it.

2) Take Ownership
A failure doesn’t define who you are. But your response to failure does. Take responsibility. Not just for what you can control but for what you can influence.

3) Make a Conscious Choice
Will you let failure push you into quitting? Or will you use it as a catalyst to intensify your commitment to succeed?

4) Be an Analyst
Get to the root causes. Which of your traits, decisions or actions contributed to the failure? What other factors? How?

5) Take Action
What will you do differently? Target the specific traits, decisions and actions you commit to changing.

You’re not finished failing. That’s OK. Just make sure you fail successfully.

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