How to Develop Your People

Cameron McCormick is the only coach Jordan Spieth has ever had. Spieth, of course, is the hottest golfer on the planet having won the last two major tournaments: the Masters and the U.S. Open. (And he’s still just 21.)

When McCormick decided to become a coach he wrote to 75 top golf coaches asking to meet with them. Twenty-five replied. What he learned might surprise you.

While you might think being a golf coach is all about understanding swing mechanics and reading course layouts and conditions, there’s a lot more. What McCormick learned is how important the coach-player relationship is, and how having a deep understanding of an athlete’s motivation and psychology is essential to developing them.

So ask yourself: How often do I, as a leader, focus on the technical side of performance while undervaluing the psychological side of performance?

If you want to develop your people so they fulfill their potential, focus on both.

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