How to Deal With Pressure

This past weekend Max Verstappen became the youngest ever winner of a Formula 1 auto race. Max is 18. The previous “youngest ever” was 21. Wow.
Racing a 900+ horsepower car on a winding circuit at speeds of over 210 mph seems mighty impressive on its own. But to beat the best drivers in the world, many world champions among them! So how did this young phenom deal with the pressure of holding off drivers who were hot on his heels for the last 20 laps of the race?
“You have pressure to deliver, but it’s positive pressure,” Verstappen coolly answered.
Positive pressure. It’s not just the inherent pressure of a situation; it’s how you deal with that pressure. If you allow anxiety and discomfort to overcome you then pressure will eat you alive. If you embrace pressure as a trigger to perform at your best, then you can win.
Intense competition brings intense pressure. In auto racing, in business, in entertainment, in any field that demands absolute top performance.
The next time you feel pressure … stop. This is your opportunity to excel. To stand out from those who are merely mediocre. Embrace the feeling. Ignite the spark.
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