How to Create a Positive Work Environment (part 2)

Last week I touched on how to create a positive work environment when setting goals, discussing ideas, and motivating people. This week:

Responding to Outcomes
1)     Celebrate more than you think you should. Don’t wait for the year-end holiday party to recognize people. Punctuate all their hard work and effort throughout the year with brief celebrations for legitimate progress and success.
2)     Find a positive in the negative. For every negative outcome there is something positive to take away, even it’s simply a painful lesson. Starting with the positives gives people hope.
3)     Promote learning, not judgment. Always ask two questions in the wake of a negative outcome: What have we learned? What would we do differently next time?
4)     Improvement starts in the mirror. The need to improve is non-negotiable. Start by rigorously assessing what you should do to better focus, equip and support your people to succeed in the future.
5)     Cut off a finger to save a hand. Inevitably, there will come a time when an employee is simply unable to perform at the standard required. The most positive thing you can do for your team is to take decisive action and remove that person from the work environment.

There are countless things you as a leader can do to create a positive work environment. Implementing those I’ve spotlighted over the past two weeks is a solid start.

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