How to Create a Positive Work Environment (part 1)

Each of us is energized in a positive work environment. So how can you as a leader create and sustain such an environment? This week and next I’ll spotlight ten ways.

Setting Goals
1)     Set challenging, achievable goals, not big, hairy, audacious goals. People are more likely to believe in them and more likely to reach them. They won’t feel set up to fail.

Discussing Ideas
2)     Ask before you judge. Don’t reflexively shoot down ideas. Ask explanatory questions starting with ‚ÄòWhy?’ and ‚ÄòHow?’ It shows respect, and you just might learn something.
3)     Disagree with the idea, respect the person. If you do disagree, be sure to do it as respectfully as possible. As a result you’ll be less likely to create a battle of wills.
4)     Change your views enthusiastically, not begrudgingly. It sends a powerful message that it’s okay to change one’s views and that ego should not stand in the way of learning.

Motivating People
5)     Remove the de-motivators. Doing things to motivate people has little impact unless you first identify and remove the things that irritate and de-motivate them. The inconsistencies. The mixed messages.

Next week: Creating a positive environment by how you respond to outcomes.

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