How to Blow Away Customer Expectations

I almost didn’t go. One of the last things I want to do in any country is wait for a retailer to prepare the tax refund documentation for the trip home. Most times I don’t bother.
But this was Selfridges, the UK retailer known for its innovation, high-quality brands and exemplary customer service. And the sales clerk in the Burberry shop strongly encouraged me to go up to the 4th floor.
I entered the lobby of the tax refund processing area and felt a bit odd. This was not the crowded, noisy, tense environment I had expected. It looked and felt more like the entrance to a spa. After checking in and waiting all of, oh, 5 seconds, a gentle voice called my number and directed me down the corridor. At the other end was a comfortable and professional looking area where I was greeted by Henry.
Suffice to say that Henry’s warmth, amiability, and professionalism made the surprisingly quick process very enjoyable. It struck me he would not at all be out of place as a concierge at a 5-star hotel.
But there was more. As I wasn’t in a rush, Henry offered me tea to enjoy in a separate room that, again, could have passed for a relaxation area at a spa. We chatted about business as I enjoyed my tea. I then thanked Henry and left.
Exercise for your leadership team:

  1. How do you think I feel about Selfridges?
  2. What am I likely to say and do as a result?
  3. How does this story transfer to your business?

Your thoughts?

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