How to Become a Great Company to Work For

How can your company become a great company to work for? Years ago, companies that aspired to this focused on the basics – good pay, generous benefits, flexible hours and time off. Over time they shifted their focus to the work environment – lots of communication, collaboration, support, and fun. Today, top companies have taken it one step further and focus on the employee experience – meaningful work aligned with an employee’s capabilities, passion and ambitions, and the opportunity to learn, develop and grow.
Ultimately, fulfillment is built from the inside out. First, who I am. Then, what I do. And finally, what I have. Having (as in good pay and benefits) without enjoying what one is doing is a hollow existence. If companies can bring meaning to what employees do, and help them become who they wish to become, then employees are more likely to feel engaged and fulfilled.
Find the meaning, the purpose, the why, in each employee’s job. Promote it. Support it. Celebrate it. You want each employee feeling good about their job, the people they work with, and the work environment. And if most of your employees feel that way most of the time? Then you’ve become a great company to work for.
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