How to be a Horrible Communicator

Every organization struggles with communications. It’s almost always the number one issue that comes up on employee surveys. Why? Has anyone analyzed what leaders do, or don’t do, to communicate so poorly?
Here for the first time is the tried-and-true, repeatedly proven, failsafe method to be a horrible communicator:

  1. Communications should be 1-way. Everyone’s busy. There isn’t time to have a full-blown discussion about everything. And at the end of the day their opinions don’t really matter. Just tell them.
  2. Don’t get lured by the video fad. Video is fine if you want to impress people with how your cat can ride a bicycle. But for the serious business of business, words count for more than images.
  3. Communications should be cascaded. Respect the organizational hierarchy. Leaders should communicate important messages to their direct reports who then communicate to their direct reports. Violating the hierarchy only raises questions about who’s in charge.
  4. Tell ‘em once. Employees tune out when leaders keep repeating the same message. Don’t be a broken record. Tell them what you want to tell them one time and then move on.
  5. Stick to the Script. Since when did communications have to be fun and games? And does anyone even remember the message? If you want to be a clown, join the circus. If you want to communicate in business, never deviate from the message.

Am I missing anything? Let me know if you can add to the list!
Your thoughts?

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