How to Attract Great Employees

I continue to hear about companies’ struggles to find top talent. In one company, over 800 resumes yielded just 5 employees!

So how can you attract great employees? Follow these four steps:

1) Attention
You are competing for their attention. And the competition is fierce so you don’t have much time to grab it. Ask yourself, ‘Does our website immediately convey that we are a great place to work?’

2) Interest
You’ve got their attention. Now, is what you have to show or say interesting enough to hold it? Don’t make it about you! Make it about them and the people like them – your current employees.

3) Desire
They’re interested, but have you converted that into desire? Do the videos, photos, and copy make clear why you are a better place to work than other companies? Compete!

4) Action
Finally, have you provided a call-to-action, a quick and simple, do-next step to translate their desire into action?

The struggle to find top talent continues. Do you have an intentional, them-centered process to make it happen?

Your thoughts?


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