How Important is Employee Engagement?

Just in case you’ve any doubt at all about the importance of employee engagement (or you’ve just emerged from a time capsule), let me boil it down for you.

The Gallup organization studied almost 50,000 work units with over 1.3 million employees. How did units with top-quartile engagement compare to those in the bottom-quartile?

Profitability +22%
Productivity +21%
Customer ratings +10%
Theft -28%
Absenteeism -37%
Quality defects -41%
Safety incidents -48%
Employee turnover -25% to -65%*

(* depending on whether an organization was classified as ‘high turnover’ or ‘low turnover’)

The debate is over, the issue is decided, the case is closed.

Engage your people!

Communicate purpose, vision and expectations. Demonstrate respect, trust and caring. Provide coaching and support. Acknowledge, recognize and celebrate.

It’s the winning formula.

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