Experiences that Touch Our hearts – The Hotel Owner

He wasn’t just friendly. He was joyful. A joyful spirit. Peppe, the owner of the Hotel Sant’Angelo in the town of Sant’Angelo on the island of Ischia off the coast of Naples in Southern Italy.

Peppe loves the island and loves introducing people to his island. He’s a fountain of knowledge and infectiously positive. To Peppe nothing is merely good, instead “ees wonderful!”

We arrived back late one evening, saw him at the front desk and said goodnight with the intention of turning in. He would have none of it. “To come to thees island, when the moon ees bright overhead, and not go een the outdoor thermal pool ees … ees impossible!”

So, into the pool. And he was right. He came outside like an excited boy to see if our experience was as joyful as he described. How could it not be?

This wasn’t simply have-a-nice-day customer service, or satisfaction as rated on a 10-point scale. This was an experience that touched our hearts. Loving being in the presence of someone who loves what they do and is great at doing it. No, not great. Wonderful.

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