Do You Need More Employees or Capabilities?

Your organization is growing. To keep up with the demands of growth you need to grow your capabilities. But does that mean you need to hire more employees?

Don’t assume the answer is always ‘yes.’ Capabilities come in many forms: full-time and part-time, permanent and temporary, employment and contract. The first question to ask is what additional capabilities does your organization need to win? Then, can you develop those capabilities internally at an acceptable time and cost?

If your answer is no, now you look externally. Does the need justify employment or is it more time-and-cost-effective to bring in a consultant or contract employee? If the need justifies employment is it an ongoing need or a temporary one? And does the need require a full-time commitment? Having the best set of capabilities usually involves some combination of these.

Evolve your mindset from we need more employees to we need the right capabilities.

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