Distractions and Distractability

We are awash in potential distractions. On the one hand are the myriad communications channels through which we are seemingly ever-accessible. On the other, are the omnipresent enticements to click, connect, opine or know.

All these potential distractions are here to stay … and will only become even more pervasive.

What, then, will differentiate those who focus, persist and succeed from those who don’t? Increasingly, it will be distractability. Not simply being able to resist distractions but choosing which distractions to disregard, which to defer, and which to respond to.

At times each of us gets distracted. But how effective are we at controlling our distractability?

The next time distraction flutters her long eyelashes, smile, and ask yourself: should I embrace her now, later, or not at all?

Your thoughts?


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