It was a typical form of a typical size that you typically complete when entering another country. Except for one thing. The red letters near the top of the form that demanded attention:


Fortunately, drug trafficking is neither my profession nor my hobby. Yet the Saudis want no doubt in the mind of any traveler entering their country. Drug trafficking carries severe consequences.

A disincentive. Clear. Unambiguous. Powerful. Do you have any doubt at all that the prevalence of drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia is lower than in, say, North America or Europe?

When there are no consequences for undesirable actions people tend to do what they tend to do. Sometimes it’s important to draw a line in the sand and say, “this will not be tolerated.” Like the manufacturing company that insists that everyone, with no exception, wears safety goggles every time they step on the plant floor. And failing to do so is a terminable offence.

What about your organization? While being late for a meeting or missing a project deadline might not warrant a beheading, is there a consequence? Perhaps a verbal reprimand? Or conveying disappointment?

Do you have sufficient disincentives to ensure that the behaviors that absolutely shouldn’t happen, don’t happen?

Your thoughts?


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