Demographics and Psychographics

Each year Bernadine and I return to a small island that caresses us with the word “real.” There are no famous golfer-designed golf courses, no avenues lined with swank resorts, and no gated driveways that separate those who are allowed from those who aren’t.
Which got me thinking about demographics and psychographics. Because the kind of travelers who come to Isla Mujeres cannot be easily classified by demographic categories such as age, gender, race or ethnicity. But they can be classified by psychographic categories like what they value.
People who come to Isla Mujeres value real. To live amongst the locals, not to be quarantined behind the walls of some resort. To eat in restaurants where Mom is the server, Dad is grilling the fish and Gramma is looking after the kids. Where there’s sand on the floor and that’s OK. Real.
Think of your customers in terms of psychographics. Their beliefs, likes, dislikes, wants, needs and values. Then you’ll be able to provide them an experience that connects with who they truly are, not just a list of descriptors.
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