Conscious Decision-Making

I just read in a health magazine that each of us makes at least 200 health-related decisions every day. Like taking the elevator instead of the stairs. This means we have a tremendous opportunity (73,000 opportunities per year!) to take advantage of – or not – the multiplier effect. Simply put, small things done many times can have a huge effect.

Cut out your daily bacon-double-cheeseburger for a year and expect to see the benefits. On the other hand, if you eat dessert every night for a year do you think you’ll see the costs?

Equally true with organizational leaders. Take 10 minutes to walk around and say hi to your people every day. Always arrive at least 5 minutes early for meetings. Say thank-you whenever someone follows-up to a request in a timely way. Think you’ll see benefits?

Here’s the secret: Those decisions have to be conscious decisions until they are so engrained they become sub-conscious habit. Make conscious decisions.

Do you want to see the benefits for your organization? You decide. Consciously.

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