Compete for Talent

As unemployment remains high, employers are coming to grips with an uncomfortable paradox: There’s no shortage of people looking for work, but there is a shortage of top-tier talent. Whether it’s salespeople in Seattle, welders in Wisconsin or managers in Manhattan, it’s tough to find great people.

Yet many organizations are only mildly proactive when it comes to recruitment and selection. Job openings get posted on on-line sites. Or managers pass it off to the HR department.

Great organizations compete for talent. You compete to get and keep customers, why wouldn’t you do the same for employees? Make it an expectation of every manager. When you come across someone – a server in a restaurant, somebody selling to you – who just might be a good fit for your organization, give the person your business card, your 10-second pitch, and invite them to call you. If you know of someone in your industry who is a top performer then make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Have your employees do the word-of-mouth recruiting for you. How? By making your organization a great place to work. A place where people can achieve, be recognized, grow, be challenged, and have fun. Organizations that are great places to work attract great people.

If you’re committed to winning, then simply posting job openings isn’t going to cut it. Compete for talent.

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