Destiny is not a matter of
chance; it is a matter of



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Why You Should Expect the Worst

Like most people, you’re adapting. You’ve made changes to your business, which might include supply chains, go-to-market tactics, and people practices. You’re getting a feel for how the market is responding.


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Three Important Ways to Show Gratitude

Gratitude — being thankful for the people, experiences, and things that have made our lives better. An important practice for our well-being. At the same time, as Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton remind us in their recent book


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Forced to Innovate? Cultivate These Four Traits

On a biting cold night in 1957, Momofuku Ando was walking home from the salt-making factory in Osaka, Japan. He saw clouds of steam in the street around which a crowd of people were huddled. They were waiting, a long time as it turned out, for noodles to be cooked in vats of boiling water.


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Translating Compassion into Action

In my last blog, inspired by recent events, I wrote about the importance of compassion. Why, as both organizational leaders and members of society, we should strive to understand and empathize with the experience of those who have suffered due to social


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Start With Compassion

The callous killing of a black man and the whirlwind of events over the past two weeks have left us sickened and confused. How can this happen in 2020? It’s awakened many of us — me included — to just how deep society’s inequities run