Attracting Talent: It’s Time to Get Dramatic

Everywhere I go I hear CEOs and business owners tell me the same thing. They can’t get the talent. They have open positions they can’t fill. It’s hurting production and it’s hurting service. And it’s not getting any better.
It’s time for dramatic action. Consider these options:

1) Uh, About Your Hiring Standards …

Lower your hiring standards. What??? Yes, lower your standards … but in a smart way. I’m not saying to hire people who are lazy and incompetent. But remember that old adage, “hire for attitude, train for skill?” Now more than ever that’s not just true, it’s necessary. For many positions there simply aren’t enough available people who have the skill. Lowering your standards in a smart way not only broadens your selection pool but also helps to attract people who learn you’re willing to invest in them.

2) Retirement Is Over-Rated

Long-term employee says they plan to retire. Company throws retirement party. Employee leaves.
Or … long-term employee says they plan to retire. Company says we’d love to have you stay with us part-time. That will allow you more time with the grandkids and also help to pay for those trips you’ve been talking about. Employee stays.
Your longer-term employees may not realize there’s an alternative to going from full-time work to full-time retirement. For some, ongoing part-time work offers the best of both worlds.

3) Culture Counts, But You Have To Prove It

Culture still counts. But these days every company claims to have a great culture. If you want to attract more employees then you have to prove your culture is better. Compellingly prove.
That starts, of course, with having an outstanding culture. Double-down on culture. Then your employees will want to share their experience and tell others. They become your recruiters.
Next, your culture needs to permeate your website. Think video. You want clips of your people having fun, doing meaningful work, giving back to society, and talking about what the company, the culture and their co-workers mean to them. Then, when a prospective employee walks in the door they need to sense that culture immediately.
We all know it’s not getting any easier to find the right talent. So the same approaches aren’t going to get you better results. It’s time to get dramatic.
Make it happen.
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