Are You Ruled by Rules?

We say they’re crazy drivers. They ask, why are we so afraid of life?

I, for one, love how most of the world drives. In countries where lines on the road are merely a suggestion and speed limits a curiosity, people have adapted by cultivating two traits that are in short supply on North American roads: awareness and consideration.

For all the jostling, angling in and out, and honking of horns (not out of anger but simply to say, “I’m here”), the amorphous auto ecosystem in most countries just seems to work. It’s as true in Tunis and Ho Chi Minh City and Istanbul as it is right here in Lima.

So what does this have to do with the right focus?

Do you think if we put less emphasis on rules designed to protect people from themselves and more on developing good judgment and individual responsibility, that people might actually make better decisions?

It reminds me of Rule #1 in the Nordstrom employee handbook: “Use your best judgment in all situations.”

Your thoughts?








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