A Surprising Yet Effective Business Strategy

If you’re a retail business that sells what a bunch of other companies sell, how do you stand out? How do you make yourself desirably different?
One of our clients provides material solutions for builders, contractors and vineyard operators. A family-owned business for 60 years, they are clear about what resonates with both customers and employees, and what helps them effectively compete.
Empathy. Seeing through others’ eyes, thinking in their minds, and feeling with their hearts. Much more than just pointing the customer to where a product is, it means understanding what the customer is working on, why they are working on it, what challenges they face, and what they are thinking and feeling about it all. That’s empathy.
Sure, some customers in some situations just want a quick grab-and-go. That’s okay. Empathy also means recognizing this and not holding the customer up by engaging in unwanted conversation. It’s all about understanding what the customer wants and needs.
If you truly empathize – with your customers, employees, colleagues, suppliers, or any stakeholder – then you can connect and satisfy needs at a much deeper level.
Empathy. Not your typical business strategy. But an effective one.
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