A Blogger's Manifesto

Hi, I’m Michael Canic. Welcome to the first posting of my blog: Ruthless Consistency.

So why another blog?  How will this blog add value and stand out in the hyper-expanding blogosphere?  Here’s how:

No Floundering
Too many blogs lack focus. They touch on everything.  I pledge to only post content that helps you, the organizational leader, develop and execute strategy.
No Fluff
Too many blogs are fluffy. Posting the trivial for the sake of posting. I pledge to only post content that is compelling and actionable.
No Filler
Too many blog postings ramble on and on and … chronƒ±c bloggerea. I pledge to only post content that is concise and information-rich.

My intent is to provoke thinking, feeling and, most importantly, action. Through concepts, models and processes that apply the principles of Ruthless Consistency.

No floundering, no fluff, no filler. Just focused content that is compelling and concise, and that helps you win.

This is my manifesto.


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