6 Critical Traits to Look for When Hiring

Last week I wrote about the 4 categories you should consider when hiring: traits, knowledge & skills, background, and values. This week, I’ll focus on traits.
The right traits are critical to the success of the people you hire. Here are 6 traits you want all your team members to have:
1. Team First
Does the person naturally think: What’s best for the team? Are they willing to put the interests of the team ahead of their own? Can they support a decision even if they don’t agree with it? Are they energized when the team wins?
2. Work Ethic
Is the person a hard worker? Are they willing to put in the required time and effort? To go above and beyond? Even when it’s inconvenient? Is doing it right more important than just getting it done?
3. Response to Pressure
Does the person embrace pressure as a challenge or succumb to anxiety? Do they like when others have high expectations of them? Do they thrive under the pressure to achieve, to excel?
4. Response to Adversity
When the person experiences setbacks do they take responsibility? Do they view setbacks as an opportunity to self-reflect and improve? Are they persistent? Are they tenacious? Do they look for what they can influence even if they don’t have total control?
5. Focus
Is the person easily distracted by the irrelevant? Are they able to sustain focus on important tasks? Can they compartmentalize their thinking when many things are happening at once or do they get flustered?
6. Self-Organization
Is the person able to effectively manage their time? Are they able to prioritize their activities? Do they keep track of their commitments and reliably follow-up on those commitments?
A person with the right skills, background and values won’t be a good team member if they don’t have the right traits. Assess these 6 traits using behavioral interviewing and then probe their answers.
Next week I’ll look at knowledge & skills.
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