5 Ways to Think Like a Winner

The New Year is here. Are you reenergized, refocused, recommitted and ready to do what it takes to win? It starts with what’s between your ears. Here are five ways to think like a winner:
Focus Forward
Winners stay focused on what they want to achieve and are committed to achieving. And they make sure that focus is focused. Getting spread too thin undermines focus.
Think “Influence”, Not “Control”
Thinking “control” locks you into binary thinking: Can I control it or not? The game is won in the gray areas. It’s not just about what can you control, it’s about the larger sphere of what can you influence?
Becoming Better beats Being Good
“Being good” is static. “Becoming better” is dynamic. Static is a poor strategy for a changing world. Continually become better. And when you are committed to becoming better you learn from failures, you don’t ignore them.
Success is a Team Sport
If you’re a leader in any organization then achieving success isn’t about you, it’s through you. Develop the right focus, create the right environment, and build the right team so that the team can win.
Be Ruthlessly Consistent
It doesn’t grab headlines but it’s the one trait that makes winners unstoppable. It’s not what you do some of the time, most of the time, or when you feel like it time. It’s what you do all of the time because that’s who you are.
Now, are you ready to do what it takes to win?
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