The Traits You Definitely Want in Today’s Team Members

One thing leaders have discovered over the past nine months is that different people have responded differently to the challenges we’ve faced. Some have struggled, some have excelled, and some have carried on much as usual.

The question that naturally comes to mind is “Why?” Of course, personal life circumstances play a large role, yet at the same time is there something in a person’s makeup that influences how they respond to challenges?

There is. Traits. In today’s environment, there are four traits that serve people especially well, four traits you should consider when hiring people, developing them, or moving them into different roles:

1) Adaptability
In a volatile and uncertain world, you want people who can adapt to change. People who can be comfortable with the uncomfortable, who don’t get stuck in the familiarity of the past.

2) Responsibility
People are working remotely, communications channels are changing, and managers are having a harder time actively managing people. That’s why you want people who take responsibility, who don’t simply wait to be told what to do. They see what needs to be done and they take the initiative to do it.

3) Optimism
It’s easy for negativity to spread throughout an organization. Sure, people have worries and fears, and, yes, you need to acknowledge them, but you don’t want them to define your culture. You want people with realistic optimism, despite their worries and fears. It provides the impetus to move forward and it can energize others.

4) Persistence
People can be adaptable, take responsibility, and exude optimism, yet if they don’t persevere then, ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Short spurts of activity won’t get it done. You want people who embody persistence, who have the tenacity to keep driving forward.

These are challenging times and they’re going to remain challenging for some time to come. If your people are adaptable, responsible, optimistic, and persistent, then you’ve got a solid chance to navigate through the challenges and come out the end a stronger company.

Make it happen.

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