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Have You Created a Winning Environment?

Making Strategy Happen - Alignment Questionnaire

Think you’ve created a winning environment? Let’s find out. Complete the Alignment Questionnaire (Leaders) to determine how well you’ve done.

Finished? Good.

Ahhh, but that’s just the first step. Now it’s time for a reality check. Have your team members complete the Alignment Questionnaire (Team Members) to determine how well they think you’ve done. Don’t be surprised if their answers aren’t the same as yours. You want high engagement and high performance? Their answers are the ones that count

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1. Shortly after launching any strategic initiative, complete the Alignment Questionnaire (Leaders). Have each implementation team member complete the Alignment Questionnaire (Team Members). Then meet with the team to compare answers and discuss. Jointly determine what needs to be done for them to experience an environment aligned with winning. Take action as required.

2. At predetermined intervals (monthly to start, less frequently over time), again have each implementation team member assess how well the environment is aligned with winning (using the same questionnaire). Make adjustments as needed.

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