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Are You Getting a Solid Return-on-Training?


How do you know if you’re getting a return-on-training that justifies the investment? It’s not always easy to measure. Donald Kirkpatrick developed a 4-level model for training evaluation* that goes beyond simply asking people how much they liked the training. It’s more important to determine what was learned, what was applied, and what was accomplished.

* “Revisiting Kirkpatrick’s Four Level Model”, by D. Kirkpatrick, Training and Development, January 1996

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1. Before designing or delivering any training, identify your desired outcomes (be as specific as possible). What should be learned, what should be applied, and what should result?

2. Determine how to effectively measure each outcome, keeping in mind the time, resources and effort required to measure. The best measures are practical, efficient and sustainable.

3. Test the measurement system after a pilot training session. Is it a valid way of evaluating return-on-training? If not, make adjustments as needed.

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