Right Team 09.16.19 // Michael Canic

Why You Should Diversify How You Think About Diversity

Cropped portrait of a young woman posing with paint on her face

You want to build a strong team. You want a diverse team. Great, but what does that mean? If you’re like most people, the first categories that come to mind are gender and race (as fuzzy as those terms might be). ... Read More

Right Team 07.22.19 // Michael Canic

Don’t Confuse Their Role With Their Capabilities

My best friend and I played on the same football team in college. He was a defensive back. He was fast and strong yet never fulfilled what many believed was his potential. ... Read More

Right Team 05.27.19 // Michael Canic

What to Look For When Forming a Team

Male and Female Soldiers in Military Shoot in woodlands

Let’s say you need to form a team. Maybe it’s a project team to implement a strategy. Maybe it’s a cross-functional team to deal with an issue that cuts across the org chart. Maybe it’s an integration team to help with a recent acquisition. In any ... Read More

Right Team 04.01.19 // Michael Canic

What Big Investment Firms Can Teach You About Staffing

What Big Investment Firms Can Teach You About Staffing

What kind of people are you likely to find working at a big investment firm? People with degrees in economics, finance and business administration, right? ... Read More

Right Team 02.04.19 // Michael Canic

Attracting Talent: It’s Time to Get Dramatic

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Everywhere I go I hear CEOs and business owners tell me the same thing. They can’t get the talent. They have open positions they can’t fill. It’s hurting production and it’s hurting service. And it’s not getting any better. ... Read More

Right Team 12.24.18 // Michael Canic

What People Who Take Responsibility Do

We had helicoptered in to the meadows at the base of Mt. Robson – “the Monarch of the Rockies.” Four of us – me, my climbing partner, and our two guides – had five days to climb a mountain that was as notorious for its bad weather as it was for ... Read More

Right Team 11.22.18 // Michael Canic

How Not to Have an Underperforming Board

How Not to Have an Underperforming Board

When building a winning team you should be concerned about more than just having the right managers and right employees. You should be concerned about having the right board. ... Read More

Right Team 10.23.18 // Michael Canic

One Trait You Want in Every Employee

One Trait You Want in Every Employee

Stuff happens. Things don’t always go according to plan. Situations change. That’s why there’s one trait I look for in every employee. Initiative. ... Read More

Right Team 09.17.18 // Michael Canic

How to Make Prospective Employees Want You

All signs point to the “war for talent” dragging on. Low unemployment. Fewer people seeking permanent work. More employees jumping at the prospect of greener pastures. It’s a frustrating and discouraging time for many business leaders. ... Read More

Right Team 08.21.18 // Michael Canic

Want to Hire High Achievers? Look for These 3 Traits

Want to Hire High Achievers? Look for These 3 Traits

I’ve written extensively about the importance of hiring for traits, not just skills and experience. While a base level of skills and experience might be needed to get you in the game, it’s your traits that help you win the game. ... Read More

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