Right Focus 10.14.19 // Michael Canic

One More Time: Grow, Yes, But Grow What?

tree sapling hand planting sprout in soil with sunset close up male hand planting young tree over green background

Whenever companies embark on their annual strategic process, the discussion invariably turns to growth. It’s often an unchallenged assumption that each year you should grow revenues, profits, market share—all of it. And why not? ... Read More

Right Focus 08.05.19 // Michael Canic

Why You Should Anticipate The Future Even If You Can’t Control It

Close up of mysterious focused fortune telling woman wearing a copper hair dress with her hands on a glowing crystal ball looking at the camera

“Focus on what you can control.” Every leader knows that, right? Why waste time on the things you can’t control when you can use it to deal with the things you can? ... Read More

Right Focus 06.24.19 // Michael Canic

The Cost of Quality: The 1-10-100 Rule

Early in my career, I was trained in the field of service quality. One concept that has always stuck with me is “The 1-10-100 Rule.” ... Read More

Right Focus 04.29.19 // Michael Canic

Let’s Put an End to the False “Strategy vs. Culture” Debate

Man in shirt is fighting against his self

People, let’s put an end to it. The false debate about which is more important: strategy or culture. It’s a debate that seemingly refuses to die, and it’s based on a total misunderstanding. But before I get into that, a little history … ... Read More

Right Focus 03.04.19 // Michael Canic

Lease Your Beliefs, Don’t Own Them

Lease Your Beliefs, Don’t Own Them

The double-edged sword of “knowing” is that it gets in the way of learning. ... Read More

Right Focus 01.07.19 // Michael Canic

Your New Year’s Goals Will Fail … Unless You Do This

Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with imprinted arrows and DREAM, REALITY concept words

We’re fresh into the New Year. You’re full of ambition and full of energy. And, importantly, you’ve identified your goals. ... Read More

Right Focus 12.10.18 // Michael Canic

Why Now is the Right Time to Think About Cutting

Businessman carefully trimming the budget with a big fat pair of red scissors against a light gray background

It’s been a great run. The economy has been on an upswing for years. Do we even remember what a recession feels like? We’re due. And many forecasters believe we’re due in 2019. Of course, economic forecasts and economic reality are often two diff ... Read More

Right Focus 11.13.18 // Michael Canic

What Driving With Two Feet Taught Me About Strategy

What Driving With Two Feet Taught Me About Strategy

I’ve been a two-foot driver since I was 16. And I don’t mean just when driving a standard. What I mean is when driving an automatic. One foot on the accelerator, one foot on the brake. ... Read More

Right Focus 10.15.18 // Michael Canic

Developing Strategy? Focus on Two Types of Objectives

Developing Strategy? Focus on Two Types of Objectives

You and your team are developing your company’s strategy. Let’s imagine your primary goal is to improve customer retention. ... Read More

Right Focus 09.24.18 // Michael Canic

The #1 Mistake Every Company Makes When Strategic Planning

The #1 Mistake Every Company Makes When Strategic Planning

Everyone does it. Every company I have ever consulted with – high-tech, low-tech, service, manufacturing, blue-collar, white-collar, whatever – takes on too much. Too many strategies, too many objectives, too many initiatives, too many projects, to ... Read More

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