Right Environment 09.02.19 // Michael Canic

How to Make Your Meetings Productive

Diverse people voting raising hands during seminar

Bad meetings are as painful as good meetings are productive. How do you make sure that your meetings are the latter, that people are checked-in, not checked-out, and that they’re bringing their A-game? ... Read More

Right Environment 07.08.19 // Michael Canic

Don’t Follow the Golden Rule … There’s Something Better

Gold and Platinum bars to express the gold and platinum rule.

Everyone knows the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s a simple yet powerful reminder to treat others the right way. ... Read More

Right Environment 05.13.19 // Michael Canic

What You Do is Not as Important as What They Experience

Photo Of Sad Business Team Attending The Seminar

Many leaders do it. Because it’s so easy to do. They only see things through their own eyes. ... Read More

Right Environment 03.18.19 // Michael Canic

How To Be Right Without Making Others Wrong

Angry businessman / office worker shouting at his subordinate with an expressive look.

You’re right and they’re wrong. And you know it. But if you tell someone they’re wrong or argue about why you’re right, then you’ll likely antagonize them. Cause them to be further entrenched in their position. Or even damage the relationship ... Read More

Right Environment 01.21.19 // Michael Canic

The Five Best Ways to Retain Employees

Portrait of a group of confident businesspeople standing together in an office

As if finding talented workers isn’t enough of a challenge today, you have to be increasingly diligent to keep them from walking out the back door. Retention is becoming tougher. What can you do? ... Read More

Right Environment 12.17.18 // Michael Canic

Why You Want to Reward For More Than Just Results

A businessman, walking along a sidewalk, happily follows a bunch of carrots that are dangling from a stick. The carrots are his motivation as he works his way through his day.

Carol Dweck is a Stanford Psychologies who studies human motivation and achievement. At the heart of her thinking is the idea that there are two mindsets – a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Dweck’s view is that the mindset we adopt fundamentally s ... Read More

Right Environment 11.27.18 // Michael Canic

3 Truths About How People Process Change

Truths About How People Process Change

A lot has been written about change. Unfortunately, much of it by people who haven’t been immersed in the many nuances of planning and implementing change. ... Read More

Right Environment 10.31.18 // Michael Canic

How Mixed Messages Undermine Your Leadership

How Mixed Messages Undermine Your Leadership

Mixed messages kill. When you as a leader say one thing yet do another, it kills your credibility. It demotivates your people. And it undermines whatever you’re trying to achieve. ... Read More

Right Environment 10.01.18 // Michael Canic

Why You Should Focus On Worst Practices As Well As Best Practices

Why You Should Focus On Worst Practices As Well As Best Practices

Best practices. The activities and processes that correlate with success. You should want to migrate them throughout your organization to improve performance and accelerate change. ... Read More

Right Environment 09.04.18 // Michael Canic

The Secret to Being an Outstanding Communicator

The Secret to Being an Outstanding Communicator

Every organization struggles with it. Employees want more of it. Managers are unsure how to best do it. Communications. One word with many meanings that is the source of endless misunderstandings. ... Read More

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