Right Commitment 04.13.20 // Michael Canic

Stress vs. Strain: Knowing the Difference Can Help You Cope

Pressure Gauge

These are unprecedented times. And much uncertainty remains. Understandably, like all business leaders, you’re anxious. ... Read More

Right Commitment 02.17.20 // Michael Canic

For Every Early-Career Employee: 11 Keys to Success

End of year party! Whoohoo

It seems to me that more young people than ever are suffering angst about their careers. They’ve started working, they’re energetic, they’re ambitious … but they’re not sure what it will take to succeed, to get ahead. ... Read More

Right Commitment 11.25.19 // Michael Canic

What Employees Think About Leaders Who Lack Commitment

Outraged Business People

Make no mistake about it. The consequences are severe. When you don’t live up to your commitments, the people who judge you—harshly—are your team. ... Read More

Right Commitment 09.30.19 // Michael Canic

The Discipline of Commitment and a Commitment to Discipline

Young Caucasian woman in hiking on the mountain ridge in Swiss Alps

Ray Zinn, founder and CEO of Micrel, is the longest serving CEO of a publicly traded company in Silicon Valley. He led the microchip company to profitability in 36 of 37 years, ... Read More

Right Commitment 08.19.19 // Michael Canic

How Committed Are You to “Winning”?

weightlifting strong man on a gym

How committed are you to “winning”? Almost every leader will say things like: “Very!” “I’m all in!” “One hundred percent!” ... Read More

Right Commitment 06.10.19 // Michael Canic

How Should You Respond To Disappointing Results?

Unbelievable. The results aren’t just disappointing, they’re disastrous. You and your team are shell-shocked. You thought the market would respond but the market just didn’t respond. So how should you respond? ... Read More

Right Commitment 04.22.19 // Michael Canic

Be Honest About Your Excuses

Businessman writing "No excuses" on a virtual board

The results aren’t what you wanted. You had committed to achieving more, but you didn’t. And of course you can tick off a list of reasons why. ... Read More

Right Commitment 02.18.19 // Michael Canic

How to Win the War Against Distractions

Medieval battle scene with cavalry and infantry. Silhouettes of figures as separate objects, fight between warriors on sunset foggy background. Selective focus

You’re ambitious. You’re results-driven. You want to win. But you have enemies. They’re fighting against what you want. And they’re growing stronger by the day. ... Read More

Right Commitment 12.31.18 // Michael Canic

How “Ruthless Consistency” Wins Championships

Trophy awards for champion leadership in tournament

When Arthur Blank decided the time was ripe to launch a Major League Soccer (MLS) expansion team in Atlanta he went all in. They launched in 2017. In 2018, Blank’s team – Atlanta United – won the MLS Championship. Since when does a 2nd-year team in ... Read More

Right Commitment 12.03.18 // Michael Canic

What is Your “Improvability Index?”

rising arrow on staircase, increasing business

“Becoming” is more important than “being.” Being is static; becoming is dynamic. Being works if things never change. Becoming is essential because things continually change. ... Read More

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