Are you done with strategic plans that collect dust?
Are you fed up with major change initiatives that flounder?
Are you ready to yell “No more!” to chronic underperformance?


We work with committed CEOs and their top teams to Make Strategy Happen. Through our consulting practice, Bridgeway Leadership, we partner with you to institute the structure and discipline of our Strategic Management SystemTM.

We are anti-strategic planning. Why? Because strategic planning is an event. Strategic Management is a process. A managed process that results in Making Strategy Happen.

This isn’t just theory, this is reality. For over 15 years Bridgeway Leadership has focused on working with committed leaders to institute Strategic Management.


Michael’s rigorous strategic process, zeal for execution, and deep practical insights, helped drive our company’s most rapid expansion ever.
Steve Patterson, CEO, Central Valley

Strategic Management System

The Strategic Management System™ is built around a continuous four-step process:
Assess, Position, Plan, and Implement.

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In the assess phase we use various methods to collect hard and soft data. We then conduct targeted exercises so, collectively, we can develop a clear understanding of three landscapes: the industry landscape, the macro landscape, and the internal landscape. With this context established, we can insightfully answer the question, ‘WHY must we change?’

In the position phase we avoid the failings of the typical mission and vision statements and instead develop clear, concise and compelling positioning statements that capture what you do, what makes you desirably different, and what you aspire to achieve.

In the plan phase you will learn why you shouldn’t pursue a sustainable competitive advantage, why a compelling value proposition isn’t your ultimate goal, why most so-called plans are nothing more than lists, and why most plans are designed to fail. Equipped with this knowledge, we will then develop a smart plan that outlines the focused few ‘must-do’s’.

The implement phase is when most plans, projects, and initiatives fail. Yet this is when the Strategic Management System TM shines. We work with you to comprehensively put in place the critical processes and structure to Make Strategy Happen. We focus on three critical areas of implementation: organizational alignment, commitment building, and execution management.

With the Strategic Management System TM we help you turn ambition into strategy, and strategy into reality. More importantly, you will have the processes, structure, tools and discipline to create a permanent inflection point in the life of your organization.

Instituting the Strategic Management System we help you turn ambition into strategy and strategy into reality.

Consulting Clients (Partial List)

Agility Solutions
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Canstar Restorations
Caravel Investments
Central Motive Power
Central Valley
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Energy Central
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Inspired Lending
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Millenium Hotels
North American Tea & Coffee
Picosecond Pulse Labs
Point Eight Power
Richfield Hospitality
Sun Rich Fresh Foods
The Redco Group
Triton Management Group
World Duty Free Group


Michael’s zeal for execution, rigorous strategic process, and deep practical insights, helped drive our company’s most rapid expansion ever.
Steve Patterson, CEO, Central Valley