Right FocusRight Commitment 07.25.11 // Michael Canic

Stop Strategic Planning

Stop strategic planning.  Strategic planning is an event and events don't produce results. Processes do.  Think of strategy as a process to be managed - a Strategic Management Process.A robust Strategic Management Process should be linked to you ... Read More

Right FocusRight EnvironmentRight Commitment 07.18.11 // Michael Canic

Ruthless Consistency: A Philosophy for Winning

Inconsistency kills.  When you as a leader act inconsistently you kill your credibility. You demotivate your people. And you undermine your ability to win.What does inconsistency look like?  When you say one thing but do another. When your work ... Read More

Right Team 07.11.11 // Michael Canic

A Blogger’s Manifesto

Hi, I'm Michael Canic. Welcome to the first posting of my blog: Ruthless Consistency.So why another blog?  How will this blog add value and stand out in the hyper-expanding blogosphere?  Here's how:No FlounderingToo many blogs lack focus. They t ... Read More

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Michael Canic

Michael has posted a weekly blog on Making Strategy Happen for over 5 years. (Well, he did miss one on New Year’s Eve 2012 that we won’t talk about!)