Right FocusRight Commitment 08.29.11 // Michael Canic

Two Sides of Implementation

Your organizational change effort has failed. Why? Did it have more to do with the technical side or the people side of the implementation? The people side, right? Yet, what did you spend most of your time planning for? Of course, the technical side. I've ... Read More

Right Environment 08.22.11 //

The Paradox of Leadership

If you want to be an effective leader then you have to act like one. Yet that's not as straightforward as it might seem. Here are a few counter-intuitive examples:1) Admitting Mistakes Enhances Your CredibilityIf you try to justify or defend your mistakes ... Read More

Right Team 08.15.11 // Michael Canic

Beware The Big-Company Manager

You're a growing small-to-mid sized business. You need to upgrade your management team. So you take the plunge and bring in a seasoned manager from a respected large company. Smart move, right?Could be a big mistake. Here's why:1) Ivory Tower ManagementOf ... Read More

Right Focus 08.08.11 //

Complacency Kills

I find it amazing how many businesses use their past successes as justification to not change. As if past success reliably predicts future success.  As if competitive landscapes are static. As if the economic environment is stable.Everyone ... Read More

Right Focus 08.01.11 //

Competitive Intel

It doesn't matter how good your products and services are.It doesn't matter how good your customers think your products and services are.What ultimately matters is how good your customers think your products and services are versus how good they ... Read More

Right FocusRight Commitment 07.25.11 // Michael Canic

Stop Strategic Planning

Stop strategic planning.  Strategic planning is an event and events don't produce results. Processes do.  Think of strategy as a process to be managed - a Strategic Management Process.A robust Strategic Management Process should be linked to you ... Read More

Right FocusRight EnvironmentRight Commitment 07.18.11 // Michael Canic

Ruthless Consistency: A Philosophy for Winning

Inconsistency kills.  When you as a leader act inconsistently you kill your credibility. You demotivate your people. And you undermine your ability to win.What does inconsistency look like?  When you say one thing but do another. When your work ... Read More

Right Team 07.11.11 // Michael Canic

A Blogger’s Manifesto

Hi, I'm Michael Canic. Welcome to the first posting of my blog: Ruthless Consistency.So why another blog?  How will this blog add value and stand out in the hyper-expanding blogosphere?  Here's how:No FlounderingToo many blogs lack focus. They t ... Read More

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