Right Environment 12.23.19 // Michael Canic

The Value of Feeling Valued

Bernadine and I enjoy international travel. We love the feeling associated with adventure, with exploring. It’s the emotional mix of anticipation, exhilaration and apprehension. It’s a feeling of being fully alive. ... Read More

Right Focus 12.09.19 // Michael Canic

Is Your Team Focused? The 3-Minute Test

Crowd of people forms a target with arrow

An organization can’t be focused and aligned unless the top management team is focused and aligned. It has to start at the top. ... Read More

Right Commitment 11.25.19 // Michael Canic

What Employees Think About Leaders Who Lack Commitment

Outraged Business People

Make no mistake about it. The consequences are severe. When you don’t live up to your commitments, the people who judge you—harshly—are your team. ... Read More

Right Team 11.11.19 // Michael Canic

How to Not Hire “Ghosts”

Screaming ghost faces

Halloween is over but the scary stuff might not be. Because even though the skeletons have crawled back into their graves and the zombies returned to their crypts, you could still fall victim to a ghoulish experience. You could still get “ghosted.” ... Read More

Right Environment 10.28.19 // Michael Canic

There’s a Reason it’s Called “Account-ability”

Caucasian executive boss handshaking promoting successful happy african black worker expressing gratitude praising shaking hand appreciating for good work, reward recognition acknowledgement concept

I was having coffee with David, a university student and football player who asked to meet with me to get my insights about starting a consulting practice. I’m always happy to meet with ambitious, young people who are eager to learn and grow. ... Read More

Right Focus 10.14.19 // Michael Canic

One More Time: Grow, Yes, But Grow What?

tree sapling hand planting sprout in soil with sunset close up male hand planting young tree over green background

Whenever companies embark on their annual strategic process, the discussion invariably turns to growth. It’s often an unchallenged assumption that each year you should grow revenues, profits, market share—all of it. And why not? ... Read More

Right Commitment 09.30.19 // Michael Canic

The Discipline of Commitment and a Commitment to Discipline

Young Caucasian woman in hiking on the mountain ridge in Swiss Alps

Ray Zinn, founder and CEO of Micrel, is the longest serving CEO of a publicly traded company in Silicon Valley. He led the microchip company to profitability in 36 of 37 years, ... Read More

Right Team 09.16.19 // Michael Canic

Why You Should Diversify How You Think About Diversity

Cropped portrait of a young woman posing with paint on her face

You want to build a strong team. You want a diverse team. Great, but what does that mean? If you’re like most people, the first categories that come to mind are gender and race (as fuzzy as those terms might be). ... Read More

Right Environment 09.02.19 // Michael Canic

How to Make Your Meetings Productive

Diverse people voting raising hands during seminar

Bad meetings are as painful as good meetings are productive. How do you make sure that your meetings are the latter, that people are checked-in, not checked-out, and that they’re bringing their A-game? ... Read More

Right Commitment 08.19.19 // Michael Canic

How Committed Are You to “Winning”?

weightlifting strong man on a gym

How committed are you to “winning”? Almost every leader will say things like: “Very!” “I’m all in!” “One hundred percent!” ... Read More

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