Right Commitment 12.25.16 // Michael Canic

How to Keep Improving, Keep Getting Stronger

In 1962, the General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Punch Imlach, knew that his team had to improve to win the Stanley Cup. Prior to the start of the season he wrote to each player requiring they, “… report (to training camp) in good condition ... Read More

Right Focus 12.19.16 // Michael Canic

What Santa Wants You to Know About Building Trust

In the original holiday movie classic, Miracle On 34th Street, Macy’s store Santa directs shoppers to rival department stores if they carry items that Macy’s doesn’t. Management, of course, is aghast, and when called to the office of Mr. Macy ... Read More

Right Focus 12.12.16 // Michael Canic

No, Culture Does Not Eat Strategy For Breakfast

Peter Drucker was the “father” of management consulting. He was an insightful thinker and prolific writer, and his impact on business cannot be overstated. I have great respect for him. ... Read More

Right Commitment 12.04.16 // Michael Canic

Why You’re Not as Committed as You Think You Are

I often start a presentation to organizational leaders by asking a question: How committed are you to winning? Unsurprisingly, almost everyone says they’re “totally committed”, “100% committed”, “all-in”, things of that sort. ... Read More

Right Focus 11.28.16 // Michael Canic

Why Leaders Should Be Like Scientists

If there’s one thing the growth of business analytics has made clear it’s that leaders need to think increasingly like scientists. Consider Booking.com. Founded in the Netherlands in 1996, they are the world’s largest accommodation booking site. ... Read More

Right Team 11.20.16 // Michael Canic

What Your Lawyer Can Teach You about Hiring Right

So I’m having breakfast with my lawyer, Tim. I like meeting with Tim because he’s smart, pragmatic, and he doesn’t view our meetings as an opportunity to maximize his billable seconds. The topic turns to hiring so I ask him ... Read More

Right Focus 11.13.16 // Michael Canic

What Political Strategists Need to Learn About Organizational Change

Over the past week I’ve been reading and reflecting on the surprising outcome of the U.S. presidential election. Imagining myself a political strategist – which I’m not – I’ve been pondering the question, “Why did it happen?” ... Read More

Right Team 11.06.16 // Michael Canic

The #1 Trait Winners Look for When Hiring Winners

Theo Epstein is the President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs – oh, did you hear? – just broke a 108-year “curse” by winning the World Series. Epstein is a pioneer of the analytics movement in baseball ... Read More

Right Focus 10.31.16 // Michael Canic

A Basketball Legend’s Three Keys to Enduring Success

The legendary college basketball coach John Wooden led UCLA to 10 national championships including seven in a row. He was known for his principled leadership, meticulous organization, and unfailing persistence. ... Read More

Right Focus 10.24.16 // Michael Canic

Why Strategy is About More than Just Predicting the Future

Imagine going back in time 5 years and being told these would be the headlines in the not-too-distant future ... Read More

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