Right Commitment 12.27.15 // Michael Canic

How To Start The New Year Off Right


It was Socrates who said that to move the world we must first move ourselves. So with the New Year upon us, and the world at your feet, what are you doing to move yourself? ... Read More

Right Environment 12.21.15 // Michael Canic

What Every Business Traveler Wants Under the Tree


The holiday season is upon us. And what would every business traveler like to find under the tree? How about a travel experience customized to their likes, wants and needs? ... Read More

Right Team 12.13.15 // Michael Canic

What I Love About Millennials

Generational differences are a hot topic of study and conversation. It’s no wonder, given Millennials now outnumber Baby Boomers in the workforce and the purchasing power of Millennials will surpass that of Boomers over the next two years. ... Read More

Right Team 12.06.15 // Michael Canic

Should a Leader Have a Big Ego?

All of us have horror stories about leaders with big egos. The leader whose self-serving arrogance destroyed a company culture. The leader who recklessly overextended a company that imploded. But what would happen if you didn’t have a big-enough ego? ... Read More

Right Focus 11.29.15 // Michael Canic

The Big Danger of Big Data

It’s no exaggeration to say that Big Data is revolutionizing and will revolutionize how business is done. Dynamic pricing models, customized customer experiences, real-time adaptations in production and distribution ... Read More

Right Focus 11.22.15 // Michael Canic

Why You Should Lease Your Assumptions

With the year-end fast approaching many companies are busy charting their course to the promised land in 2016. New results require new thinking, and new thinking starts by questioning your beliefs about your company, your customers, your competitors ... Read More

Right FocusRight Commitment 11.15.15 // Michael Canic

My Big Takeaways From the World Business Forum

Just got back from the World Business Forum in NYC. Two days listening to some very accomplished people in a range of fields. Stimulating, inspiring, cool. Walter Isaacson, author of the acclaimed Steve Jobs biography, had this insight: “Innovation s ... Read More

Right Team 11.08.15 // Michael Canic

Why You Might Not Want to Hire for ‘Cultural Fit’

Any new-hire selection process should test for fit with the company culture, right? Maybe not. Recently, one of our clients was recruiting for a key executive position. It came down to two candidates both of whom had the capabilities and experience ... Read More

Right Environment 11.02.15 // Michael Canic

The Most Important Question Your Employees Want Answered

You know that effective communications are a cornerstone of employee engagement. Yet in the midst of all the messaging about where your organization is headed, how you intend to get there, and what you expect of your employees, don’t overlook the most i ... Read More

Right Focus 10.26.15 // Michael Canic

The Most Powerful Definition of Leadership

I’m a fan of Success magazine (www.success.com). The monthly infusion of ideas and inspiration is a great source of personal and professional development. A recent edition featured an interview with Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, a $200 billion company. ... Read More

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