Right Commitment 12.28.14 //

How to be More Effective in 2015

Patterns. If you're serious about becoming more effective in 2015, then become a student of patterns. The patterns of behavior you exhibit when you are more effective and less effective. When you go to sleep, when you wake up, how you start your day, how ... Read More

Right Environment 12.21.14 //

The One Thing Smart People Do When Innovating

Ray Kurzweil has been described as the 'ultimate thinking machine' (Forbes).He has a list of inventions and innovations to his credit that any hundred of us collectively would be proud to have. As the principal inventor of the first flatbed scanner, omni- ... Read More

Right Focus 12.14.14 //

The Key to Building Customer Loyalty

As someone who flies well over 100,000 miles per year, it was refreshing to read the comments of Jeff Smisek, CEO of United Airlines, my preferred carrier.Air Travel is an experience. Our job is to make sure our customers have the best experience possible ... Read More

Right Focus 12.08.14 //

How Thinking of Failure Helps Lead to Success

Jake Burton Carpenter founded Burton snowboards in 1977. In his first year he sold 300 snowboards. Today his company has five international offices, employs almost a thousand people, and snowboarding has grown from a fringe activity to an Olympic sport.Yo ... Read More

Right Environment 11.30.14 //

How to Create a Positive Work Environment (part 2)

Last week I touched on how to create a positive work environment when setting goals, discussing ideas, and motivating people. This week:Responding to Outcomes1)     Celebrate more than you think you should. Don't wait for the year-end ... Read More

Right Environment 11.24.14 //

How to Create a Positive Work Environment (part 1)

Each of us is energized in a positive work environment. So how can you as a leader create and sustain such an environment? This week and next I'll spotlight ten ways.Setting Goals1)     Set challenging, achievable goals, not big, hairy ... Read More

Right Environment 11.16.14 //

The Financial Case for Employee Engagement

It amazes me that some managers still question the benefits of promoting employee engagement. That, 'How will this improve the bottom line?' is still being asked.So in case you're one of the remaining few who thinks all of this engagement stuff is just a ... Read More

Right Focus 11.09.14 //

How to Be Number One

How do you differentiate your organization? How can you stand out as unique? You want to be number one yet there's only one who can be number one.Consider this: Only one person was the first person to climb Mt. Everest - Sir Edmund Hillary. No one knows ... Read More

Right Focus 11.02.14 // Michael Canic

Be a Cannibal

It's tough to knowingly put your revenues at risk. To release a product you know will cut into the sales of an existing product. Why would anyone do that? Because if you don't someone else will. Apple CEO Tim Cook loves cannibalization, as long as it's ... Read More

Right Environment 10.27.14 //

A Universal Truth in Business

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a number of executive groups in London and Belfast. Given that most of my consulting and speaking is in North America, I was interested in learning what cultural differences there might be regarding how they enga ... Read More

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