Right Team 01.14.13 // Michael Canic

Recruit Individuals but Select Team Members

You're recruiting for a key position. You want to get the best person you can. Finally, you find a sure-fire candidate and bring him on-board with great expectations. And he fails.Why? Because he didn't mesh with the team. Because his traits, style or val ... Read More

Right Commitment 01.07.13 //


The New Year. It brings promise, ambition, energy, resolve. It's a time for commitment. And to be intensively committed you have to believe.Not just believe in the result, but believe that you can and will do the things necessary to achieve the result. Th ... Read More

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Michael Canic

Michael has posted a weekly blog on Making Strategy Happen for over 5 years. (Well, he did miss one on New Year’s Eve 2012 that we won’t talk about!)