Right FocusRight Commitment 03.24.13 // Michael Canic

The Three Attributes of a Strong Brand

How strong is your brand? Here are three benchmarks against which to test it:1) Focused and MemorableIt's often said that you can't be all things to all people. You can't be both Courvoisier and Coca Cola. Every strong brand is known for something. That s ... Read More

Right Commitment 03.18.13 //

The Unintended, Unrecognized and Unforgiveable Consequences of Failure

Most organizational change initiatives fail. Statistics bear this out regardless of the type of initiative.So is there a hidden cost of failure? Absolutely. When change initiatives fail you create a track record of failure. You build an expectation of fai ... Read More

Right Focus 03.11.13 //

Prioritize Your Priorities

It feels like you've got a thousand projects on the go and everything is a triple-A-one priority. Sound familiar? So how do you prioritize all those priorities?Answer: Rate each project against a set of criteria. The few projects that best meet your crite ... Read More

Right Environment 03.04.13 //

Respecting the Rhythm of Performance

I'm returning from a week on Isla Mujeres, a small jewel of an island that Bernadine and I have visited regularly for over 20 years. So how do I feel after immersing myself in the 'island state of mind?' The same as I do after each trip: refreshed, refocu ... Read More

Right Environment 02.24.13 //

Building Rapport

Years ago, management theory distinguished between 'Task Management' and 'Relationship Management' styles. Modern-day thinking recognizes that you need both to be effective.Today's competitive demands mean you can't survive without effectively managing ta ... Read More

Right Focus 02.17.13 //

Turning Strategy into Reality

A strategy is simply intention. It doesn't become real until it's paired with structure and action.Sponsorship. If it's important enough to be a strategy, then someone on the executive team needs to own it and be accountable.A Champion. The strategy needs ... Read More

Right Environment 02.11.13 //

Accountability: It’s Really About You

One of the toughest things for leaders to do is to hold their employees accountable. Why? Confrontation is uncomfortable. We're uncertain how things are going to play out.So how do you constructively confront an employee and reduce the uncertainty and dis ... Read More

Right Environment 02.03.13 //

Creating Comfort WIth Change

Most employees are anxious about change. Why? Change brings uncertainty. What if I don't like it? What if I'm not good at it? Will I be less secure in my job? And it's rational for employees to doubt the need for change. Why don't we just keep doing what ... Read More

Right Focus 01.28.13 //

Results-Driven and Process-Focused

It's an age-old conundrum: should you focus on process or results? Process is how stuff gets done. Results are what need to get done.Some leaders are intensively results-focused. Hit the number! Everything comes back to the number. People aren't allowed t ... Read More

Right Environment 01.20.13 //

The Power of Reinforcement

I'm always surprised how much impact a little reinforcement can have.I finally meet our property manager in person and send her a quick email that evening saying it was a pleasure to meet her. Thirty seconds. No big deal. Done. So she sends me a reply tha ... Read More

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