Right FocusRight Commitment 06.03.13 // Michael Canic

Experiences that Touch Our hearts – The Hotel Owner

He wasn't just friendly. He was joyful. A joyful spirit. Peppe, the owner of the Hotel Sant'Angelo in the town of Sant'Angelo on the island of Ischia off the coast of Naples in Southern Italy.Peppe loves the island and loves introducing people to his isla ... Read More

Right Focus 05.27.13 //

The Fallacy of a Root Cause

Why did it fail? Your project didn't produce the expected outcome, your strategy wasn't effectively executed, your change initiative didn't become part of the culture ... why?As leaders we're driven to pinpoint the root cause, the key underlying factor th ... Read More

Right Focus 05.20.13 //

The Fallacy of Extrapolation

'If the current trend continues ...'How often have you heard someone say that when talking about the future? 'If oil reserves continue to be depleted at the current rate ...' 'If housing prices keep going up ...' 'If our business keeps growing by double-d ... Read More

Right Environment 05.13.13 //

The Deng Xiaoping Test

A few years back I was at a big strategy and leadership forum in NYC listening to Michael Porter, the Harvard prof who is well known for his work on competition and strategy. So Porter goes through a bunch of models and concepts - lots of detail - abo ... Read More

Right Focus 05.06.13 //

The Entrepreneurs’ Curse

True entrepreneurs have the gift of seeing opportunities everywhere. True entrepreneurs have the curse of seeing opportunities everywhere. The very trait that allows them to envision the possible, allows them to get distracted from achieving the possible. ... Read More

Right Commitment 04.28.13 //

You, the Elite Performer

You're like an elite athlete. You may not pursue the Olympic ideals of citius, altius, fortius, but you're an elite performer in your field.Elite athletes exercise their bodies by running and lifting weights. You exercise your mind by consuming content an ... Read More

Right FocusRight Commitment 04.21.13 // Michael Canic

The Three Rules for Success!

Business is so complex. If only they could boil it down to a few, simple rules for success.They can. And they have. The authors of a recent HBR article looked at over 25,000 companies across 44 years and deduced ... dadada, daaaaa ... the three rules for ... Read More

Right Team 04.14.13 // Michael Canic

The Motivation Contagion

Surround an employee with highly motivated people and what happens? Their drive and performance increases. Surround an employee with less motivated people and what happens? Their drive and performance decreases.Motivation is contagious. That was a key fin ... Read More

Right Environment 04.08.13 //

The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

As a leader you need candid and specific input from your people. The straight goods. Not just generalizations or feel-good fluff. So how do you make sure you're getting it? Answer: Ask the right type of questions.Don't Ask: General Questions'How are thing ... Read More

Right FocusRight Commitment 03.31.13 // Michael Canic

The Four Levels of Brand Equity

Last week I provided three benchmarks to test the strength of your brand. This week: what is the value, the equity, in a strong brand? Consider the Brand Pyramid TM shown above.1) AwarenessIf the people who you want to know about your brand don't know abo ... Read More

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