Right Commitment 08.11.13 //

If You Want to be a Better Leader …

If you want to become a better leader then strive to become a better coach.What do great coaches do?FOCUS - They regularly communicate goals, why they're important, and where the organization is on the path to achieve them. They clearly convey what is r ... Read More

Right Environment 08.05.13 //

Is “Engagement” Simply “Feel Good”?

In boardrooms I sometimes see glazed eyes when the topic of employee engagement is brought up. You can easily imagine the thoughts behind those looks. Really, isn't this just the term-du-jour for employee satisfaction? For happy employees? The fluffy, fee ... Read More

Right Environment 07.28.13 //

Real World Successes – Innovation

I've been consulting with a company over the past two years to help create a culture of innovation. We've made tremendous progress and are seeing evidence of real cultural change. In our first year over 150 ideas were submitted and almost a third were imp ... Read More

Right Commitment 07.22.13 //

Why Even the Best Must Change

He didn't want to do it. But he knew he needed to. Being the best ever didn't matter. He had to change.Roger Federer, the greatest men's tennis player of all-time, recently made the decision to change from a racket with a 90-square-inch head to one with a ... Read More

Right Focus 07.15.13 //

The Demons of Decision Making

Studying cognitive psychology helped me understand how easy it is to make bad decisions. Not because of laziness or lack of intelligence. But because of systematic biases that creep into our thinking. Here are four, highlighted by the Heath brothers in th ... Read More

Right Environment 07.07.13 //

Make Allies, Not Adversaries

It only takes one word. But one word can carry massive weight. Saying 'yes, but ...' sends the message that 'you're wrong' or 'I disagree.' It places you in opposition and makes the other person an adversary.Change the one word. From 'but' to 'and.' Sayin ... Read More

Right Environment 06.30.13 //

The Grand Canyon of the Workplace – Millennial Edition

A couple of weeks back I wrote about the ‘Grand Canyon of the Workplace' - the generational gap - and how Boomers can reframe their thinking to bridge the gap. Millennials, now it's your turn:1) ‘This new technology is so cool ...'Sure. An ... Read More

Right Focus 06.24.13 //

The Grand Canyon – Change of Plans

Last week I wrote that this week's blog would spotlight a few things Millennials can do to bridge the gap with Boomers.Change of plans.Why? Because we were all set to cross the Grand Canyon when at the 11th hour something came up that caused us to change ... Read More

Right Environment 06.16.13 //

The Grand Canyon of the Workplace – Boomer Edition

Since I'm hiking across the Grand Canyon this weekend I thought I'd write about that Grand Canyon of the workplace ... yes, the generational gap. This week and next I'll spotlight a few things that Boomers and Millennials can do to bridge the divide.OK Bo ... Read More

Right FocusRight Commitment 06.09.13 // Michael Canic

Experiences that Touch Our Hearts – The Restaurant Owner

Do you remember Peppe, the joyful B&B owner on the island of Ischia, who I wrote about last week? Well one night he had a restaurant owner friend, Aniello, pick us up to take us to his restaurant, L'Oasi. Of course Peppe described it to us as "wonderf ... Read More

Michael Canic

Michael has posted a weekly blog on Making Strategy Happen for over 5 years. (Well, he did miss one on New Year’s Eve 2012 that we won’t talk about!)

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