Right Focus 10.22.13 //

Distractions and Distractability

We are awash in potential distractions. On the one hand are the myriad communications channels through which we are seemingly ever-accessible. On the other, are the omnipresent enticements to click, connect, opine or know.All these potential distractions ... Read More

Right Commitment 10.13.13 //

The Heart of Business

Tony Hsieh, founder of the legendary online retailer Zappos, doesn't want his people to transact business. He wants them to create a personal emotional connection.Gianluca Isaia, third-generation CEO of the namesake Neapolitan firm that makes fine handcra ... Read More

Right Focus 10.06.13 //

The Lesson that Refuses to Get Learned

Interested in the ongoing collapse of BlackBerry, I was reading an investigative report in The Globe and Mail when I was struck by a comment made by a company insider.'We believed we knew better what customers needed than they did.''Seriously? Haven't we ... Read More

Right Team 09.30.13 // Michael Canic

How to Hire the Wrong Person

The candidate was polished. You were wowed in the interview. And his last organization sure produced some impressive numbers. This person is obviously a successful leader. It's a no-brainer, right?Maybe not. When a candidate for a leadership position inte ... Read More

Right Focus 09.22.13 //

How to Think Strategically

How does one think strategically? In short: preflect and reflect. OK, preflect isn't really a word ... yet. But if to reflect is to contemplate back in time, then to preflect is to contemplate forward in time. Thinking strategically is about contemplation ... Read More

Right Commitment 09.16.13 // Michael Canic

Why Consistency is King

As a leader you cannot be effective if you're not seen to be consistent. And who is the judge and jury? Your people of course.John Maxwell has authored dozens of books on leadership and if there's one thing he's certain of it's this: 'A sure way to lose f ... Read More

Right Commitment 09.09.13 //

Drive Like Mario Andretti

Do you ever fantasize about getting 100% caught up, being fully on top of things, having everything under control? Me too.Then consider some advice from former Formula 1 World Champion, Indy 500 winner, Daytona 500 winner and racing legend Mario Andretti: ... Read More

Right Team 09.02.13 // Michael Canic

Your #1 Challenge in the Next 18 Months

Your organization is facing a critical challenge. And if you don't take action NOW it is likely to be the limiting factor to your growth over the next 18 months.People. Finding, attracting and securing strong talent.There's no shortage of people looking f ... Read More

Right Focus 08.26.13 //

Do Less, Do Less, Do Less

Over the past year I've made the case in several blogs that organizations lack focus because they try to do too much. And that the solution is to do less. (And to take more time doing it!) For those of you who think that's just some bizarre consulting the ... Read More

Right Environment 08.19.13 //

What Millennials Really Want

A recent study looked at what employees of different ages and genders want most from their employers. Can you guess the number one thing that Millennials want more of at work?No, not more money.Not more time off.Not more recognition.Not more meaningful wo ... Read More

Michael Canic

Michael has posted a weekly blog on Making Strategy Happen for over 5 years. (Well, he did miss one on New Year’s Eve 2012 that we won’t talk about!)

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