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Believe in Them and So Will They

Imagine that a group of Asian-American women is given a math test. Before taking it, half are subtly reminded that they are Asian. Half, that they are women. Which half performs better?This was an actual study carried out with college students. The result ... Read More

Right Team 12.22.13 // Michael Canic

Socially Cohesive Teams

It's a quote I came across when I was coaching football and it's just as true in business.'The best players don't make the best team, but the best team usually wins.'So what makes the best team? Researchers at the Yale School of Management found that the ... Read More

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Data-Driven Hiring

It shouldn't be surprising that a company as driven by data and analytics as Google reflects those traits in its job interview process. Here's a peek behind the curtain:1) How Many Interviews?After assessing the success of past hires Google found that fou ... Read More

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How to Fail Successfully

Each of us fails. That's life. But there is a big difference between failing successfully and compounding your failures with your response to failure.1) Don't Sugar-Coat ItThe more you try to rationalize / justify / minimize a failure the less likely you ... Read More

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Don’t Be a Well Frog

The brilliant Chinese philosopher, Chuang Tzu, wrote:Jo of the North Sea said, 'You can't discuss the ocean with a well frog - he's limited by the space he lives in. You can't discuss ice with a summer insect - he's bound to a single season. You can't dis ... Read More

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Leaving Money on the Table

The Gallup organization recently surveyed over 150,000 workers and found that fewer than one-third are engaged in their work. And engaged doesn't just mean satisfied, it also means emotionally connected. Which, by the way, correlates with better performan ... Read More

Right Team 11.18.13 // Michael Canic

The Depth Chart

Football coaches use a tool that is helpful in displaying not only who fulfills what roles, but also to spotlight where talent is thin and how they would respond if they should lose somebody.The depth chart.The depth chart is simply an org chart expanded ... Read More

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The Curse of Common Sense

I always react skeptically when I hear people say, 'it's only common sense.' As if the topic of conversation is both true and well-accepted.When you default to 'common sense' thinking, that's when your organization's problems begin. Common sense becomes a ... Read More

Right Team 11.04.13 // Michael Canic

Hiring for Confidence

When you're hiring, regardless of the position, you want a candidate to be confident. But how confident?Not enough and they might not stretch themselves; they'll underperform. They won't constructively challenge or inspire confidence in others. Too much c ... Read More

Right Commitment 10.27.13 // Michael Canic

Are Values Statements Valuable?

Few things in an organization inspire as much cynicism as a hollow Values Statement. Words on the wall mocked by behaviors within the walls.Values are revealed in what you do, not what you say. So is there value in stating them? If something is truly a va ... Read More

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