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If there's one activity that sets strategic leaders apart, it's that they regularly reflect.Beyond managing the whirlwind of the day-to-day, they reflect on how the world is changing. How the market environment is changing. What it means for their organiz ... Read More

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What Do You Do?

Last week I covered why most Mission Statements are meaningless. So while I no longer believe in Mission Statements (or Vision Statements), here's what I do believe in.Whether it's a networking event, a trade show or a social encounter, when you tell some ... Read More

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Mission Forgettable

Quick, what's your mission statement?Bet you struggled with that, didn't you? You're in good company. Most leaders struggle to remember their mission statements. Why? Many are simply too long. One of our clients had a mission statement that was ... drum r ... Read More

Right Team 12.02.12 // Michael Canic

Why You Need Outside Expertise

Successful leaders are smart enough to know that they're not smart enough to know it all. And neither are their employees. So they surround themselves with a network of external resources who are vital to their success.That was one of the main conclusions ... Read More

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The #1 Reason You Hold People Accountable

Holding people accountable. The part of business that so many leaders struggle with. Why? It's uncomfortable; it's conflict. So we try to avoid it by rationalizing to ourselves. Maybe if I give it more time it will get better. (Sorry, it won't.) I'll neve ... Read More

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Positive Pressure

He was the first of my college football teammates to die. A hulking lineman, he had struggled with weight in recent years. But then, the competitor he was, he got serious and started losing it. Still, he dropped dead of a heart attack at 51.So when anothe ... Read More

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And the Winner in a Landslide Is …

Intelligence - the collection, analysis and utilization of detailed information about voters. That was the real winner in the just-completed U.S. elections. While the pundits were relying on their usual tools - gut instinct, perceived momentum and pol ... Read More

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Your One Best Question

A critical meeting. You want your people intensively engaged. Totally present, focused, and deeply processing the issue. So how can you tell if they're giving you their best? Here's one way:At the start of the meeting state that you expect each of them, a ... Read More

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Do Less … Believe Me Yet?

Last week I wrote about doing less, taking longer and using more resources. Crazy, right?So let's try again. Here's what some guy named Tim had to say:We say no to great ideas in order to keep the amount of things we focus on very small; so we can pu ... Read More

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Do Less, Take Longer, Use More Resources

As a strategy + execution consultant I review a lot of strategic plans. I assess a lot of strategic results. And in most cases, the results are underwhelming.Why? Every organization I have ever worked with takes on too much. Too many objectives, too many ... Read More

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